Oh, hi!

I'm Nicole.

Here I am! 

Here I am! 

I like talking to strangers, dogs with beards, hair braids, flat caps, patterns on patterns, Robyn, cheese and crisp baguettes that crumb all over your clothes. I like cider that tastes like dirty earth and wines that taste like tear drops and soft waves, purple marker and fistfulls of herbs. 

I am a Toronto city girl through and through. Keep your mountains and give me urban parks & winding alleys.  

After university, I fled to France (#thedream) because cheese, bread, men and wine. Interestingly, I met no good men, but was confused for one often because #shorthair. 

I worked for a fancy negociant making labels, translating websites, learning French swears and tasting expensive things. Croissants, velour and hunting trips were fun (seriously though I went on a hunting trip on horseback with horses?! It was weird and amazing. I was a vegetarian? We didn't catch anything. It was a dream), but what I really wanted was to stomp grapes, drive tractors, wear overalls and dress like a boy.  

Dreams of the land lead me to Australia because they have so much of it. I worked a vintage in Clare Valley, a small town two hours north of Adelaide with more millipedes than people. I drove machines I had no right to drive, cleaned barrels, shovelled grapes and met hilarious grape pickers from around the world. Also a gypsy named Russell who challenged my conceptions of what a life lived meant. Also Pete who was as jolly as could be. Also sweet Mike who was so sincere and didn't poison me with those mushrooms on purpose. :) 

I moved back to Toronto and spent 3 years selling badass wine to badass people, while completing my French Wine Scholar certification, finishing my WSET Diploma and traveling most places they make great wine. 

Work asked me to move to Vancouver and I said yes, because beauty and weather and adventure and fear. I spent two years developing the Lifford Wine portfolio in Western Canada. I got to meet amazing sommeliers around the country and contribute something I was really proud of to this lovely heart-filled community.


This summer I moved back to Toronto. All I want to do is spread fire. Flame joy. Seek connection. Forever learn. Probably wear some velvet, do weird things and be mischievous while doing it. Let's take up more space together.