Ewanika Woman

photo credit to the beautiful Sydney Allen-Ash

photo credit to the beautiful Sydney Allen-Ash


The Ewanika Woman

I was so honoured to be featured by Trish Ewanika in the December 2016 Ewanika Woman event. Trish is a talented designer based in Toronto, Ontario crafting beautiful clothes made to last. She strives for elegance and grace, creating timeless pieces that make women feel powerful and beautiful without needing to show skin or be tight. Fashion and clothes has been such an important, empowering part of my life. In a career in which I am often looked at, dressing in a way that expresses my beliefs and represents what I value gives me a power I cannot overstate. Clothes can be transformative. Expression is invaluable. I am so thankful people like Trish exist. I had such a nice night at Ewanika sharing some favourite wine and connecting with some amazing women. Full text of the interview is here


The Toronto Star: Why You Need a Wine Agent

And then I was the only woman flanked by 4 middle aged white men in suits talking about wine. Really I just wanted to talk about feminism and diversity and the need for more voices to speak louder, with accents and different view points. But Carolyn wanted it to be nice and non-confrontational and about smooth Bordeaux Blends. So here is an article where I present a smooth South African wine and don't talk about what is most essential to my soul. That said, great to be included! Please note how I stood in the centre and decided to wear a large white corduroy shirt as I knew everyone would be in black suits. :) 

Article here.